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Welcome to Community Roots Academy

CRA is a kindergarten through 8th grade learning community. Learning is embedded in a meaningful real-world context and children are deliberately taught to see the  connections between their formal education and the world. At CRA, students combine curiosity and application, leading to a deep understanding of content,self-motivation and confidence. These skill sets empower students to take on challenges in order to become who they want to be and excel to their fullest potential.


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NO SELL funds to Support CRA Field Experiences-Please Contribute

From the beginnings of CRA we vowed to be a No Sell school. This means we will not barrage our parents with constant fund drives such as candy/gift wrap, cookie dough and pencils. In many cases these programs bring in limited amount… More»

CRA Strives to Provide Optimum Conditions For Growth

CRA got off to a great start today. We were happy to be able to greet the parents and share with them a variety of volunteer opportunities. For those of you who were not able to join us please go to the… More»