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CRA’s Value of Environmental Stewardship

September 4, 2017

Since CRA was founded, one of our Guiding Principles has been Environmental Stewardship, with curriculum, policies and practices purposefully designed to promote environmental awareness and stewardship. We firmly believe the role of environmental education in creating a more sustainable future for the planet is a vital one.

Consequently, CRA’s Zero Waste Initiative is an important step toward engaging our students, faculty and staff in actively taking care of the Earth and our precious resources. We hope to encourage everyone to become a CRA Zero Waste Champion! We worked with our waste management service, CR&R, to determine the best path was to sort our waste into two categories – mixed recyclables and trash.Every classroom now has two small bins labeled mixed recyclables and trash. Additionally, our lunch areas, as well as outside each building, also have two large bins placed side by side. Middle School students are participating in a Zero Waste Elective .They will be learning all about reducing, reusing and recycling. Over the course of the semester, we will look to them to be important leaders in our efforts.