Guiding Principles

CRA Guiding Principles

Guiding CameraValues for Today and Tomorrow – CRA instills the skills for success in our global society: mastery of fundamental academic skills in addition to problem solving, critical thinking, collaboration, initiative, effective communication, adaptability and evaluating information and imagination.  We teach and live these values in our philosophy, governance, curriculum and operation.

Project-Based Curriculum – The CRA curriculum includes engaging learning experiences that involve students in complex real-world projects through which they develop and apply skills and knowledge.  Project-based learning empowers students with the skills for success for today and tomorrow.

Community Partnership – Community partnership is integral to effective education. Strong communities foster positive development in students.  The CRA community includes students, parents, administration, teachers, community-based organizations, universities and national and international educational institutions.

Model Learning Community – At CRA, all members of our professional community continually seek learning and growth opportunities.  Faculty and staff participate in an extensive professional development program and also partner with colleagues to foster a challenging academic environment for all.  Highly qualified and motivated teachers collaborate in decision-making and develop curriculum while guiding, supporting and evaluating students.

Environmental Stewardship – CRA curriculum, policies and practices are designed to promote environmental awareness and stewardship.