Lunch Menu

Dear Parents, Students and Staff,

Community Roots Academy is pleased to announce, that we will are partnering with Lunch2You! We pride ourselves in serving a healthy balanced meal to the students and the staff.

Lunch2You will be providing a prepaid lunch program to all grades.

Please read below some important details that will help facilitate the excellent service and operating procedures that we offer.lunch2youScreenshotTHUMB


  • Please use our website,, to purchase your pre-paid meals. Lunches must be purchased by 6 pm Sunday to order lunches for the whole week. If the Sunday cutoff is missed lunches must be purchased roughly 48 hours in advance. See the table below for more details on exact cutoff times and availabilities.


  • Your schools code when registering your students is: CRA. Your menu will be available August 23rd for the month of September.
  • The price of your students lunch is $4.35.
  • Absences: For full credit the absence must be reported by 8 AM the morning of the absence.
    1. Report Online – On your ‘My Account’ page click ‘Report Absence’ link. See page 2.
    2. Report over Phone – Call (949) 407-4388. Press 1, then follow instructions on the mailbox message. Allow two days for credit to be issued to your account.

    ** Online absence feature is recommended for quick and immediate credits.**

  • Emergency Lunches: Designed for emergency situations only, not for daily lunch purchases.
    1. Fee: A fee of $1.25 + the price of a lunch is added and charged to the credit card on file.
    2. Policy: In order to receive an emergency lunch you must register every one of your students under the REGISTER FOR EMERGENCY LUNCH link on your ‘My Account’ page. A working credit card must be left on file for the feature to work correctly. Please follow the steps on the ‘My Account’ page. You mayremove your student at anytime should they start getting lunches without your permission or abuse the system. See page 2 for screenshot of link.

    IMPORTANT: Every year you must re-register your students for emergency lunches. Last year’s info will not carry over, therefore everyone must do this for the new school year.

Community Roots Academy looks forward to providing a healthy nutritious meal for your child. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at Community Roots Academy.

Below is important information and instructions on how to use your My Account page properly.

NOTE: Clicking on the image will take you to the home page for Lunch2You.